Business Oriented Web Designer

I was struggling trying to find someone who could provide me with web building and social networking expertise while bringing real business acumen into the discussion. I wanted not only technical skills but business knowledge. The Start Company provided all of that and more by being truly professional and extremely dependable always delivering great work with added value helping me to grow my business.

Michael Denisoff
CEO of Denisoff Consulting Group, Los Angeles
Extremely helpful!

Joanna has been more helpful to my business in the form of presence on the web than I ever anticipated. She has also been very helpful and patient with this computer newbie, to which I am quite grateful.  The Start Company has become an integral part of my Salon’s business strategy and I am looking forward to our continuing relationship as my business moves forword and I learn how to navigate technology.

Jennifer Woods Bachman
Owner of Bliss Salon Spa, Las Vegas
Creative Design

Joanna assisted in the new look of our company and we are beyond happy with her creative concept. I highly recommend Joanna for anyone wanting to develop a new look for their company and or a web site.

Syrna Glasser
Schmerty's Cookies, Santa Monica
5 Star Rating

I had had some issues with my website, and a colleague of mine suggested I use Joanna’s services. I found her knowledgeable, responsive, reasonably priced and more than helpful. If there was a star rating here, I’d give her five stars.

Gregory Zbylut
CPA Zbylut Law Office, Pasadena
Satisfaction Guaranteed

Joanna is highly professional, thorough, and creative. Her work at the Start Company has helped my business and many others grow through her sound advice and professional services. Joanna never rests until clients are completely satisfied and she patiently coaches them at each step. Her work exceeds expectations every time.

Kelly Watson
Owner of Career Partners, Los Angeles
Very Satisfied

The Start Company took our legal practice online. They gave us an impressive and professional website and blog that we can update and maintain ourselves. Top notch service. Extremely satisfied.

Nevada Business Law, Henderson
Efficient and Professional

It has been a great pleasure working with Joanna and her team on our various web and branding projects. Their service is extremely efficient and professional and their designs are authentic and beautiful. The Start Company has really become an asset to Herbs of Mexico and we look forward to a long-term relationship, especially as they have come to know our brand so thoroughly.

Laura Moreno,
Marketing, Herbs of Mexico, Los Angeles

Joanna is the reason why I now have a business and support myself doing what I love best – helping others achieve their goals. I have found my calling but the beginning stages required work – work that I was not aware of or the knowledge to do. Joanna was very forthcoming with information and helped me understand the process every step of the way. She is definitely a valuable resource when trying to structure the right organization to developa and grow your business.

Michelle Christian
Incorporated Enterprises, Las Vegas


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