• Social media optimization secrets

    5 Secrets to better social media posts

    You’ve got your business account on Facebook and Twitter. You’re pondering whether Pintrest might be for you. You’re even posting on regular basis. At this point you’re pretty proud of your efforts. “Look at me I’m on social media!” But alas! Your’re not really getting many...

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  • MGM giving perks for Social Media mentions

    Social Media Perks for MGM loyalists

    MGM Resorts announced yesterday that they will let loyalty card holders earn points via social media. So no longer will you have to sit at the slot machine to earn points, you can now tweet, use Facebook, Foursquare or Instagram to VIP status. This is yet another confirmation that Social Media for business is not

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  • dnschanger malware - website backup needs

    FBI shuts down infected servers and website backups

    How important is your business website? I’m sure you rely on it more than you know, and if the FBI decides to shut down servers that host your website, you have no worries because you make a website backup regularly, right? The reason for the FBI’s recent harsh methods was to protect the DNSChanger malware

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  • anatomy of content marketing

    Infographic: Content Marketing

    Wondering how content marketing helps with online success? Here is a visual representation of the content marketing, courtesy of Content+, a UK Consulting firm, that explains how good content can get you better online visibility. Content marketing is a method used to get noticed online by your potential customers.  This...

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  • Claiming Google Places Local Business Listing

    Local Business Listing optimization tips for Google Places Page

    If you own a business and have an address from which you operate that business, then you must include it in any of the dozens of Local Business Listing Directories. Google Places, which is part of Google Maps that offers FREE Local Business Listings, and if you haven’t done so yet, head over to Google Places and...

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  • are websites necessary

    Business Website: What should be in your marketing plan?

    Many small businesses still underestimate the importance of a business website.  The point cannot be overstated, more than 90% of internet users search for products and services online before buying. If they can’t verify your company online via your business website, they most likely will not buy from you.  So whether...

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  • JC Penny Logo Update

    Re-branding Lessons from JCPenny

    It may not be the prettiest logo out there, but JCPenny’s new re-branding campaign is based on their new message. It certainly ‘Americanizes’ the look in effort perhaps to appeal to the patriotic consumers who are becoming more and more painfully aware that our American brand is being made largely...

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  • Personalized Results – How Google’s new changes impact business

    Google’s New Algorithm favors Google+ On January 10th, 2012, Google quietly launched their latest search algorithm update. They called it “Search plus your World”. In the ever changing world of the Internet and ever growing social and personalized direction of the individual websites for a better user experience,...

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  • What’s new in YouTube latest updates

    Youtube just recently came out with the biggest changes since their launch. It’s worth checking out.  The change or rather improvements were made in three areas: 1. A new home page YouTube has now made it easier to follow Channels.  When you log in, it will automatically show you the channels you’ve selected...

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  • What is the best time to be Tweeting or Facebook-ing

    Do you wonder when you should Tweet or post to Facebook to get the most readers? This KISSmetrics’ latest infographic can help.

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