• Political infographic - shopping down party lines

    Infographic: Shopping down party lines

    This is a very interesting and timely infographic from Monetate. This Infographic suggests that Democrats tend to shop more than the conservative Republicans. However all are more likely to shop using traditional methods such as computers. Hawaii leads the pack in most traffic from iPads. Monetate Marketing Infographics...

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  • online visibility with facebook business pages

    3 Steps to Better Online Visibility Using Facebook Business Pages

    Facebook is the largest social networking destination currently online. Over 1 billion people worldwide and over 90% of all adults in America use Facebook each month, so chances are that your customers are already on Facebook. While every business is different, having a Facebook presence can be an essential element...

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  • Pottery Barn is one Facebook's test partners for 'Collections'

    Facebook “Collections” looks a lot like Pinterest

    (Photo credit:Facebook) Click here for full article.  You know the competition is getting fierce when Facebook is trying to mimic Pinterest with it’s newest “Collections” feature.  The company is rolling out this newest addition to help brands and e-commerce sites share images of their products...

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  • Google Exact match update hurting business website ranking

    Google’s Exact Match Domain Update Cuts Many Businesses At The Knees

    Google is at it again. Their latest update targets websites with Exact Match Domains (EMD). Exact Match Domain is a website whose domain relates directly to the main targeted search term. So if you’re targeting to rank for “Halloween costumes”, you may have chosen a domain name like “halloweencostumes.com”...

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  • is your site ready for Holiday rush

    Infographic: Is Your Website Ready for the Holidays?

    Courtesy of Guidance.com here is a great infographic asking the question: Is your Business website ready for the Holiday Rush? Is Your Site Ready for the Holiday Season?

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  • Social Media ROI

    Social Media ROI

    Many of my clients are reluctant to spend the time and effort it takes to post on many different Social Media sites, and I understand their hesitation. They are all wondering the same thing: “If I put the time into posting on Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, etc, will that get me customers?” Fortune 500 Test The...

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  • business website fixes

    5 Simple Fixes For Your Small Business Website With Immediate Results

    How many of you think of your business website as a “business storefront”? Given the fact that your business website is usually the first point of interaction, you should take the same care as you do to keep your storefront relevant and attractive. Here are 5 fixes that could have an immediate impact on your...

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  • Upstart Startup Program

    Upstart – Kickstarter for College Grads

    Having had been in a corporate world, I can only attest to the fact that there is nothing like working for yourself. A former Google executive has created a service to help university grads kickstart their own businesses. – NBCNews Bottom Line “There’s this overwhelming desire to not follow the traditional...

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  • 5 Reasons Why You Need Website Maintenance Plan

    5 Reasons Why You Need Website Maintenance Plan

    What is Website Maintenance and Why You Need It If you have a brick and mortar business, you know all about the amount of work it takes to maintain your place. You know that the floors need to be cleaned, your windows washed, light bulb replaced, leaks patched, desks and chairs fixed or replaced, etc … the list...

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  • Smartphone use on websites infographic

    Infographic: Smartphones shaping E-commerce

    Mashable shared an infographic from Monetate showing how consumers are starting to rely more on their smartphones to search the web, read content and make purchases. The use of Smartphones has increased 103% since last year. The report has analyzed over 100 million shopping experiences to come up with the data. It may be...

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