It may not be the prettiest logo out there, but JCPenny’s new re-branding campaign is based on their new message. It certainly ‘Americanizes’ the look in effort perhaps to appeal to the patriotic consumers who are becoming more and more painfully aware that our American brand is being made largely by overseas cheap labor.

The official campaign though is said to be JCPenny’s new pricing strategy. Attempting to make the sales and the couponing rage less complicated, JCPenny is committed to proving prices that are “fair and square”.  This fair and square idea is being played up in the logo design itself, while the colors and placement of the blue square is clearly pushing the ‘Americana’ idea.

This is JPC’s 3rd logo design in 3 years. Generally speaking, frequent image change can not only confuse the consumer but also act against and loose brand familiarity.

Why did JCP rebrand?

It seems that last year after spending over $1billion in marketing efforts to promote their 590 different sales, the company did not see any significant revenue increase. Therefore, in an effort to increase sales and lower marketing costs, the company came up with their new “Fair and Square Pricing”. The company is betting that simplifying the pricing structure will greatly improve the customer experience in the retail store and serve to restore the customer’s trust in the JC Penney name and in the end increase overall revenue.

JCP will be eliminating clearance sales and moving into a three-tier pricing system. In addition, they are said to be simplifying the pricing for regular items. For example, you will no longer see $19.99 tags and rather have simple $20 tags.

Other major stores like Walmart are already experimenting with simple pricing, but we have not seen a company-wide change like this, so It will be interesting to see how it plays out.

Take-away for businesses

  • Unless you have millions dedicated to your marketing, you should probably pick your business image and stick with it.
  • Try to create a loyal following and update your brand only if it’s going to help your message better resonate with the consumer.
  • Know what that message and make it as clear as possible.
  • As to pricing, many experts have different opinions. You need to figure out what works for your business. Experiment, survey your customers, analyze your competition and don’t be afraid to take a risk.



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