rebrandingRe-branding is a process by which a new corporate look is adopted for a business. It may include new business or product names and slogans as well as redesigned look of letterhead, logos, signs, packaging and other graphics.

  1. Its a business – treat it like one
    As the world changes so should your Brand. Holding on to  a brand  for nostalgic reasons doesn’t make good business sense. Rebranding is a way to staying relevant, since the reasons and assumptions for your original bran may no longer hold true.
  2. Connecting and addressing your target market
    Has your target market changed? Analyze your target market and exploit new opportunities and possibilities. Do the research – your business depends on it!
  3. Not just a funky logo
    A brand is more than just new colors, logo or stationary. A brand is your opportunity to connect with your customers. Your brand gives your determines customer’s perception of quality, care, professionalism and more. Review your brand and make sure it is sending the right message.
  4. Consistency
    Do you have a mish-mash of different looks? Your products and customer contacts should not only bear your brand, but it should be easily recognizable who it’s coming from. Brand consistency through out  your services, products and contact gives the customer the perception and confidence that they are dealing with a professional entity.
  5. Boost your sales
    Yes, a new image can actually improve your sales. When you connect with your customer, renew focus and attention to your business and promote, customers will take notice.

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