Client: Stacey Williamson Photography

California based professional photographer specializing in family, infant and children portraits.

Services Provided:

  • Develop a brand
  • Logo and complete Corporate Identity Design services
  • Website Design
  • SEO ready design
  • Print Media Design
  • Email Template Design and integration
Project Objective:
The clients wish list at the start of the project included:

    • To create initial online presence
    • A way to showcase photos and professional services
    • Create professional appearance

We created a professional looking brand according to the client’s specifications. She wanted to make sure the logo would not only reflect the service, but would also appeal to the kinds of customers she wanted to attract. Once we had the branding concept, we designed the website and subsequent materials.  When creating the website we made sure that it had the ability to showcase the client’s photography work, while remaining SEO optimized.

Create Solutions:

We started by identifying the brand for the business and the target market. We worked with the client to understand how they wanted to be known in their local market, and how they would like to connect with current and potential customers. We carried the brand image through online and offline efforts, establishing a consistent look and feel for their marketing and equipped them with the tools to continue.

The website was designed on the WordPress system so to make it easy for the client to edit and maintain the content.  Although the website appearance is fairly simple, the system that it is based on is easily expandable with built in blogging feature.

In addition to website redesign and optimization we also setup an email marketing strategy to help this client extend her reach and build deeper connections with her current customers. We designed a custom email template which maintains consistent branding and provides quick links to her social media pages as well as the website itself.

The email marketing system allows the client to track every email sent, to understand who has opened the email and how many times, whether the email has been forwarded or shared and whether anyone has clicked through to the website as a result of the email.


The client now has a beautiful website where she can point visitors to and showcase her work. Although she’s not ready to overly promote her website, she has a beautiful, professional and consistent brand image and the internet tools ready to take her business to the next phase.

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