Client: Rico’s Martial Arts

Local leadership, fitness and self defense school with many programs available for kids, teens and adults. Services range from kids Tae Kwon Do to adult Muay Thai classes.

Services Provided:

  • Website Redesign using Content Management System
  • Social Media Setup and Integration
  • Custom Facebook Welcome Page Design
  • Print Media Design
  • Email Template Design

Project Objective:
The clients wish list at the start of the project included:

  • Better online presence
  • Improved integration of an evolving brand online and offline
  • Improved way to showcase the school and the programs offered
  • Need to easily update and edit content
  • A way to easily post photos and videos
  • Integrated Social Media Presence

Identify problems:

We evaluated the existing web presence for RMA.  We visited with the business and understood their mission and history as well as the behaviors of their customers.  Some of the main issues we identified were:

  • RMA was not being indexed or found in search engines
  • The website wasn’t interactive or easy to update
  • The business didn’t have an easily identifiable focused brand
  • Website lacked visual interest
  • There was no integrated blog
  • Poor back-end structure which is detrimental for good Search placement
  • No tracking, so the client wasn’t even sure if anyone was visiting their site

Create Solutions:


We started by identifying the brand for the business and their target market. We worked with the client to understand how they want to be known in the local market, and how they would like to connect with their current students and potential customers. We created a brand image that is carried through online and offline efforts, establishing a consistent look and feel for their marketing and equipping them with the tools to continue.

Website Design

Once we identified the direction, we sketched out a website which would incorporate all of the client’s needs as well as be functional and easy to navigate for current and potential customers. The client wanted to have a high impact website, which would not only grab attention but also easily convert website visitors to paying customers.

We accomplished these goals, and more, by creating a website with high impact graphic impression, an easily visible conversion form and loads of relevant content and information directed both at current students as well as future customers. The website is based on the WordPress system to make it easy for these busy school owners to edit, update, and maintain their website.

The website and content is multi-dimensional with the addition of high quality photos, relevant text content and engaging videos, we designed the site around the excitement of the school to be able to appeal to any kind of visitor.

Email Strategy

In addition to website redesign and optimization we also setup an email marketing strategy to help this client extend his reach and build deeper connections with his current customers. We designed a custom email template which maintains consistent branding and provides quick links to the social media pages as well as the website itself.

Importantly the email marketing system allows the client to track every email sent, to understand who has opened the email and how many times, whether the email has been forwarded or shared and whether anyone has clicked through to the website as a result of the email.

For the first time, this business owner is able to measure the effectiveness and reach of his communications.

Social Media

For added social boost, we spiced up client’s Facebook page with a custom designed welcome page.  This social media effort allows Facebook content to add to the SEO juice to achieve better search result placement and effectiveness. In addition, it helps visitors and searchers connect RMA with the local brand in their neighborhood. We coached the client on how to best utilize Facebook to start increasing fan-base as well as promote better customer conversations.  The integration of the Facebook page into the website has had a very positive result and continues to help gain more fans and post responses.


New website’s proper structure, relevant multi-media content, search engine submission and ongoing maintenance, all have contributed to this project’s success. In few short months, this client’s website went from invisible to having almost 400 visits/month. 66% of all the visits are from the targeted local area and the client comes up in first page results for key targeted phrases.

The biggest change and improvement though came from implementing a consistent corporate identity and brand image. Having online conversion forms and email marketing featuring the same corporate identity works. Almost 90% of all new sign-ups now come from either email or online forms.

Samples from the Project:

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