• Political infographic - shopping down party lines

    Infographic: Shopping down party lines

    This is a very interesting and timely infographic from Monetate. This Infographic suggests that Democrats tend to shop more than the conservative Republicans. However all are more likely to shop using traditional methods such as computers. Hawaii leads the pack in most traffic from iPads. Monetate Marketing Infographics...

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  • Upstart Startup Program

    Upstart – Kickstarter for College Grads

    Having had been in a corporate world, I can only attest to the fact that there is nothing like working for yourself. A former Google executive has created a service to help university grads kickstart their own businesses. – NBCNews Bottom Line “There’s this overwhelming desire to not follow the traditional...

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  • dnschanger malware - website backup needs

    FBI shuts down infected servers and website backups

    How important is your business website? I’m sure you rely on it more than you know, and if the FBI decides to shut down servers that host your website, you have no worries because you make a website backup regularly, right? The reason for the FBI’s recent harsh methods was to protect the DNSChanger malware

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  • iPhone can find itself

    With the release of iOS4.2 for all Apple mobile devices, Apple introduced some interesting and finally useful features. Check it out.

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  • The ONE thing that businesses need

    What do all businesses need? Its not tax incentives. Its not more employees. Every business needs more sales. Its plain and simple. Read more, and find out how The Start Company helps businesses generate sales.

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  • What the expansion of Internet names means for small business

    As a small business many face the daunting challenge of finding a suitable Internet domain name for their business. Because the “dot com” space has been with us for many years and is very crowded we often end up having to register concocted, confusing or forgettable domain names like marysellshousesinaustin.com....

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