• Social media optimization secrets

    5 Secrets to better social media posts

    You’ve got your business account on Facebook and Twitter. You’re pondering whether Pintrest might be for you. You’re even posting on regular basis. At this point you’re pretty proud of your efforts. “Look at me I’m on social media!” But alas! Your’re not really getting many...

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  • Personalized Results – How Google’s new changes impact business

    Google’s New Algorithm favors Google+ On January 10th, 2012, Google quietly launched their latest search algorithm update. They called it “Search plus your World”. In the ever changing world of the Internet and ever growing social and personalized direction of the individual websites for a better user experience,...

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  • Google analytics

    Understanding Your Website Stats

    Many website owners get confused when looking at their web stats. Often times seeing “hits” or contemplating “impressions” they may think that it’s visits that they are seeing. However the “hits” are not the same as “visits”.

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  • 5 secrets to writing blogs that work

    Here is the truth about writing blogs that work: your audience is not human. People don’t read blogs, they search. Search engines read blogs. Therefore an effective blog is one that will be found and read by a search engine, so that it can appear in a relevant search result.

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  • seo mistakes

    5 SEO Mistakes to Avoid

    Website design and SEO is as much technical as it is an art form Search engines and search engine robots follow a set of programmed rules that a website structure and design needs to follow for optimum results and visibility. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an integral component of web design — one should not be done

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  • top 10

    Top 10 SEO Checklist For Business Website Visibility

    Want better search engine visibility? Check out our Top 10 SEO checklist. Follow the steps to help improve your site.

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  • SEO takes work

    SEO takes work

    Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) tends to be somewhat of a mystery to most website owners. But in reality we can boil down SEO to four basic things:

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