• business website fixes

    5 Simple Fixes For Your Small Business Website With Immediate Results

    How many of you think of your business website as a “business storefront”? Given the fact that your business website is usually the first point of interaction, you should take the same care as you do to keep your storefront relevant and attractive. Here are 5 fixes that could have an immediate impact on your...

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  • Smartphone use on websites infographic

    Infographic: Smartphones shaping E-commerce

    Mashable shared an infographic from Monetate showing how consumers are starting to rely more on their smartphones to search the web, read content and make purchases. The use of Smartphones has increased 103% since last year. The report has analyzed over 100 million shopping experiences to come up with the data. It may be...

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  • are websites necessary

    Business Website: What should be in your marketing plan?

    Many small businesses still underestimate the importance of a business website.  The point cannot be overstated, more than 90% of internet users search for products and services online before buying. If they can’t verify your company online via your business website, they most likely will not buy from you.  So whether...

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  • Google analytics

    Understanding Your Website Stats

    Many website owners get confused when looking at their web stats. Often times seeing “hits” or contemplating “impressions” they may think that it’s visits that they are seeing. However the “hits” are not the same as “visits”.

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  • 5 things your business website needs

    A website is an important business marketing tool – but is yours hitting the mark? Here are 5 basic rules for having and maintaining a good business website.

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  • 5 Reasons why your business may need rebranding

    Re-branding is a process by which a new corporate look is adopted for a business. It may include new business or product names and slogans as well as redesigned look of letterhead, logos, signs, packaging and other graphics. Our guide to rebranding gives five reasons why rebranding is necessary for many businesses. Does...

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