Corporate Identity Services – Because Impressions Count

The way your company looks will tell a potential customer, partner or investor a lot about the values, priorities and focus of your business. Your business image or corporate identity, whether through a storefront sign, a web page, a business card or an advertisement is almost always the first contact a new customer has with your business so it had better be effective.

More than a Logo – Consistent Corporate Image Development

An effective corporate identity is more than a logo.  In order to be complete, today a business or corporate identity must go beyond the printed page and present a consistent message in all visual and online media. But the ability to translate the identity, focus and mission of a company into a visual representation that can be carried though to every point of client contact is not something that every web design firm can do.

Whether you are an established company looking to refresh or complete an existing brand or bring a print design online, or whether your business needs to create a new identity for a new venture or a new product, you need to know that you are working with a company that understands the nature of your business, your habits of your customers and strengths and weaknesses of your competitors.

At The Start Company we deliver business and corporate identity and creative web solutions that offer a consistent branding for online and offline materials.  For online creative services we carry your brand through all the way to social media, directory listings, email marketing, web advertising, and mobile applications so that no matter what way your online customers reach your they will see a complete business image that reflects your real world identity. We also assist our client with traditional creative services, custom graphic design and print media.  Together we put together a complete package to make your business look good.

Your Business Look sends a message to your clients

More than just an image, a corporate identity means that we concentrate on making sure that your message resonates in an effective way to meet your business objectives. Your image, whether is via your logo, your collateral or the web design look and feel, must speak to, and influence, your potential customers. At The Start Company we work hard to ensure that your corporate look is part of an overall fundamental business strategy that becomes a centerpiece of every customer touchpoint.

Our goal is to help you create a vision for your business image and to give you the tools, resources and creative materials you need to enable that vision to generate results for your business.

Our Corporate Identity Services consist of:

  • Branding and Image Design
  • Promotional and Print Material Development and Design
  • Graphic Ad Development
  • Custom graphics and Creative Designs
  • Other business and presentation material design


Case Studies

Here are some of our recent case studies that involved Corporate Identity services, please feel free to review

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