Creative Designs & Custom Graphics

Visuals build your business. Visual elements create brand awareness, emotional connection and can convey your message.

At TheStartCompany we understand your business and we work with you to develop creative materials that fit your sense of style and connect with yur intended audience. Much more than logo designers we help you differentiate from your competitors and create lasting impressions with impactful visual images to propel your business.

We assist businesses in every aspect of creative design and custom graphics.  We pride ourselves on creating marketing peices that not only conveys your message but helps to establish your brand and build lasting value for your business. Some of the services that we offer:

Custom photo – We know the photos that make you look good

  • We search the top stock photo databases to fine unique images that help to convey your message
  • We edit and transform your existing photos to make them more impactful
  • We suggest and provide direction for lifestyle and customer impact

Logo Design & Stationary – Consistent corporate image is a must have

  • We create custom professional business logos that can be used as a cornerstone to brand your business
  • We provide an absolute satisfaction guarantee – you will love your logo or you dont pay – guaranteed
  • Our knowledge of the professional services industry enables us to create designs that suit your image as well as appeal and stand out to your customers

Custom Graphics – We provide an extensive range of creative graphic services to our business clients, including:

  • web and traditional advertising
  • brochures, flyers and posters
  • in store, window and large format signage
  • postcards, thank you cards and customer communications
  • product lables and product packaging

Presentations & Business documents – Business documents with consistent branding help – establish credibility, prestige and value. Our services include:

  • Powerpoint slides templates, backgrounds, animations and custom graphics
  • In-store, window and large format signage
  • postcards, thank you cards and customer communications
  • Formats and templates for contracts, forms and documents
  • Investor packages, media kits and other multi-media collections

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