What do all businesses need?  Its not tax incentives.  Not more employees.  Everyone needs more sales.  This article in the Washington Post reporting on a NFIB survey drives the point home.

A survey to be released Tuesday by the National Federation of Independent Business, a trade group, found that 51 percent of small-business owners reported a lack of sales as their greatest challenge. Only 8 percent cited a lack of loans.

The reason is simple.  Any business that has more sales than they can handle will be able to easily secure a loan for expansion capital necessary to keep up with demonstrated market demand.  However, going to a lender with hat in hand without a full sales pipeline is putting the cart before the horse.

So what can businesses do to increase sales? The Start Company is all about helping businesses get started, revamp and do things better.  A few of the projects that we have worked on in this down economy that have been successes for our clients include (1) a total corporate rebranding with a fresh and updated look to stand out from competitors (2) designing and implementing a robust ecommerce website to drive internet sales and open a whole new sales channel (3) developing business models and presentations for our customers to bring to their investors, and many many more.

There is nothing that we like better than helping you get more sales.

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