How important is your business website? I’m sure you rely on it more than you know, and if the FBI decides to shut down servers that host your website, you have no worries because you make a website backup regularly, right?

The reason for the FBI’s recent harsh methods was to protect the DNSChanger malware from spreading. Infected computers by this malware would point to rogue servers. DNSChanger interferes with web browsing and makes computers more vulnerable to other viruses and malware.   According to reports, of the more than 570,000 computers originally infected, around 250,000 are still bit by the virus. The result is that thousands of people may not be able to get online today, or for a while.

For more information on the DNSChanger malware please see What the DNSChanger malware is — and why you should care (FAQ)

To check if you are infected go to

Protecting your business and your business website

If your computer or the servers where you host your business website are affected, your business could be down. You never know what strange and unexpected things could be lurking. That’s why computer gods have created antivirus software and backups.

Having business contingency plans such as website backups is just good business. There are many ways to protect yourself.

  1. Pay attention to the warnings

    If you’re not sure if the warning are legitimate, call your provider or a web expert

  2. Use antivirus software on your computer

    There are many free and paid antivirus options for your computer, the key is to make sure you keep the software current and up to date.

  3. Backup your computer files regularly

    Today there are many options for backing up your computer files. You can use anything from portable hard drives, network drives to online cloud storage systems.  Here is a link to help you determine what might work best for your environment Computer Backup Systems

  4. Backup  your website regularly

    Just like with computer files, your website should be backed up on regular basis as well. System upgrades, plugin updates, server changes, virus attacks can make your website vulnerable.

Website Backup options

  1. FTP backup

    This website backup option is a manual process requiring you to know your ftp settings. However this is the most comprehensive way to backup your website files. You can control specifically which files are backed up and have the peace of mind that you have the most complete account of all your files.
  2. Database backup

    If you are using a CMS (content management system) such as WordPress, then there is more likely then not a database associated with your website. Databases have a tendency to corrupt so a regular backup is a must as well. In most cases you should be able to login into your Control Panel and database option. Once in the database option setting, look for a database backup option. This will create a folder in your website files and a database backup file, which you can then download as part of your FTP backup process.
  3. WordPress CMS Backup Plugins

    There are many plugins available to automate your website backup process as well. My favorite is WordPress, since it’s easy to use and customize. Here are few examples of WordPress Backup systems that work well.

    BackUpWordPress – backs up your entire site including your database and all your files once every day.

    WP-DB-Backup – easily backup your core WordPress database tables. You may also backup other tables in the same database. However it doesn’t back up your files.

    myRepono – an online website backup service which enables you to securely backup your WordPress web site files and mySQL database tables using an online and web-based management system

    blogVault – is a paid backup system. It backs up everything off your site, and has a Test Restore where it puts a working version of your site Restored on their website to prove it all works!

    BackupBuddy – another paid system for a one time fee and includes integration with DropBox.

For more information or help with your website backup please contact me or request a free no obligation project quote.

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