This week ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Names and Numbers)  released draft for the biggest expansion in internet naming since the inception of the Internet.  Currently there are 21 active top-level domain extensions (ex .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, etc) as well as 249 country specific domain extensions (.us, .ca, .uk etc).  Under the new rules, hundreds or thousands of new domain extensions could be introduced very quickly.  Many of the new extensions will be familiar brand names like .coke or .fedex and others will be more general in nature like .sports or .vegas

As a small business many face the daunting challenge of finding a suitable Internet domain name for their business.  Because the “dot com” space has been with us for many years and is very crowded we often end up having to register concocted, confusing or forgettable domain names like  With the new expansion its likely that the name would be available. On the downside, the introduction of many new domain extensions will increase possibility of competitors using the system to register confusingly similar variations of existing domains.

We believe that the expansion of the domain name system will, on balance, be positive for small businesses trying to carve out a niche or forge an identity, but we also recognize that it will require businesses to pay more attention and be much more proactive in creating a online strategy.

At TheStartCompany we have registered many domains for businesses of all sizes and we can help you with creating a domain name and brand protection strategy that fits your business and your objective.  Please contact us for more information.

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