Are  you a new business owner? One of the main questions new business owners ask themselves is “how do I get clients?” Here are some suggestions to get you going:

  1. Your current and past clients can, and should, become a source of referrals.  You need to ask for referrals, and while you are at it have them give you a testimonial as well. Real testimonials from appreciative customers are still a very powerful tool, new customers are more likely to buy from you knowing that others were satisfied.
  2. Family and friends – people who know and respect you will be your biggest advocates, so don’t be shy, it’s your business that’s on the line.
  3. Join a chamber in your area – this is a great way to meet local businesses and let them know what you do .
  4. Direct marketing – choose a focused market sector and advertise to them, once you exhaust that area then move on to the next niche market.
  5. Use your website – studies show that many people research companies and products online before they buy.  A website can be a powerful tool for your business, provided that the customers can find you and know about you. Apply search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to your website to help customers find you and make sure your website provides sufficient information about what you do, your product and how they can buy it.
  6. Build your reputation – Blog, write articles and get published. As you build your reputation you will build your client base.

Beginnings are rough.  But staying committed to a systematic marketing plan will reap benefits. Remember that focusing on providing quality and marketing are two most important factors for business success.

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