Google Ad words is an excellent tool for getting noticed on the internet but the problem for many small businesses an effective ad campaign can easily cost several thousands of dollars per month.  For businesses in larger metropolitan areas, in order to have your Google ad noticed you have to compete with larger businesses who are targeting the same customers.  It can get expensive quickly and the results are often underwhelming.

Fortunately, Google has a number of free and inexpensive tools that you can use to increase your visibility.  For instance every small business should go to the Google Local Business Center to add your business profile to Google Maps.  Its easy and its free and it takes no time at all.

Your business listing on Google Maps can be enhanced with not only your address and phone number but also your business website and other information including your hours of operation, coupons, photos and videos.  It’s a simple way to stand out from the competition and it costs nothing.

Additionally Google is experimenting with a paid service to highlight business listings as a cost effective way to draw more attention to your business.  The New York Times recently profiled a business in Huston that is getting good results with this new highlight feature for a flat fee of $25 per month.  There are many ways to increase your exposure on the internet without going broke with pay for click ads that deliver questionable results.

Our marketing packages at The Start Company are designed to help you generate results without a huge advertising spend.  Contact us for more details.

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