Importance of brandingMany startup businesses have unique logos or names that they intend to use.  Often the business owners have conceived of the ideas and name themselves and become emotionally attached to their designs without first figuring out whether their creations are effective for their target market.

The danger is that a business may select a brand image that their customers are not receptive to, or even worse, a brand can unintentionally give a negative impression and actually drive customers away.

But how will you know whether your image, logo, product name or corporate identity is going to work?  Brand research does not have to be an expensive or complicated process.  The best research comes from being active in market.

A simple way to get feed back on a company name, proposed logo or other brand identifiers is to use your existing networks.  Post to your trusted friends on Facebook, MySpace or Twitter. Ask your current customers what they think your image stands for.  Get their feedback and use it to make your designs even better.  But most of all, do not get attached to a brand image that is not working.

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