Social media business cardIf you don’t care about getting traffic to your site or promoting your company or your services or products… then NO… Social Media is not important for your business.  However if you are like the rest of the businesses on the internet, there to get found, then Social Media is essential for your success.  I could go into the algorithm of Google page rank but HubSpot has done a great job and you could read all about it in their article “The Importance of Google PageRank

I rather focus on HOW social media can help you. Some consider involvment in Social Media to be a ‘waste of time…”Wouldn’t it be easier to just buy some ads?” – they ask. If money is no object, then buying ads to show up on top 1st page searches might be the answer for you, but when the AdWords budget has dwindled away and you still need customers, you’ll probably be looking for a different approach.  Besides, internet readers are more likely to click on the first few organic results, than on the ads.

Why? Simple, they’re afraid they won’t find answers but instead will be pummeled with ‘buy now’ ads.

So back to the question of using Social Media. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN , MySpace, YouTube and many others are the biggest and fastest ways to get noticed on the web. Think about how many other businesses are on the web and how many of them are in your industry and how many of those are you competing with in just your local area?

Using Social Media inyour marketing strategy gives you more avenues to promote your blog, your website, your product and services by exposing it a wider audience. When you create a Social Media account, whether that’s a Twitter page or a LinkedIN profile you become part of a very special community. You create relationships and networking exchanges, just like you do in person, except this one is done online and can potentially reach thousands. Through social media you create online conversations but without the constraints of time or space.

Social Media marketing and networking is popular because it’s easier than conventional netowrking and marketing. For example to attent a networking event in your area you need to get dressed, get in your car, get to the event, inevitably pay for admission or food, try to talk to as many people as quickly as you can and hope that they will remember you when they get back in their car to drive home.  While online, your customer or networking contact can simply click a ‘share’ button or forward you info with few clicks and boom you’ve just been recommended. And you can do the same for them and not just once but as many times as you see fit. Just like at a physical event, you can ask question, get help or help others and create even more connections. You can ‘listen’ to other people’s conversations without the need to run around the room and catching only bits and pieces.

You will notice that all of our articles and most articles or blogs that you read on the web have bookmark & share icons at the top or bottom of it. This is social media at it’s best.  It’s there with the explicit purpose to be EASILY shared and forwarded to others. If your blog doesn’t have them then you are missing out on a huge opportunity.  Add those in and fast.

Bottom line is that Social Media whether a fad or not is the new way of doing business. So get on with it and get on it.

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