Youtube just recently came out with the biggest changes since their launch. It’s worth checking out.  The change or rather improvements were made in three areas:

1. A new home page

YouTube has now made it easier to follow Channels.  When you log in, it will automatically show you the channels you’ve selected to follow and what’s even better is that you can completely customize your channel line-up. I mean – who needs TV!

2. Integrated sharing

Easier than before you can now link your YouTube account to Google+, duh, I mean about time, since Google owns them.  You can also now link up to Facebook and see what your friends are sharing.

Finally they realizing that people use facebook more than ever before and want an easy way to share what they find and are interested in what friends are looking at.

3. Overall Design

YouTube has also caught up with the times and updated their overall look.  No more clunky looking home pages with hidden features.  They now offer Channel templates to meed the needs and wants of the users.

Need to know more? Checkout their instructional manual at YouTube-New.

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