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What is SEM?

Search Engine Marketing or SEM for short is really an extension of Search Engine Optimization and some even consider it to be an umbrella term, but it focuses on bringing the traffic and visibility to the website through paid means.

A well optimized website will naturally attract traffic and 80% of your website development effort should be spent on SEO, however sometimes a website needs a little help. That’s where paid advertising and inclusion in paid search services comes in.

The most common and certainly most popular is Pay Per Click advertising managed through Google Adwords. The reason PPC is so popular is because an advertiser only pays when someone click on the link.

Just like with SEO, a business should develop a proper strategy before engaging in PPC or any other type advertising. You could end up spending thousands of dollars without seeing any results.

PPC – an online strategy for Businesses

PPC is a biding man’s game, the higher the bid, the better the placement. The trick is to bid on keywords that are well searched for but that have a low bidding volume. So just like in SEO efforts, research is the key to success and lot of it.

One of the cornerstone components of having a successful online paid marketing campaign is to have advertising relevant and conversion ready landing pages. Landing pages are very specific pages that are placed either inside your website or have their own url and their purpose is either transactional or reference. If you are running multiple PPC or ad campaigns you should have multiple landing pages.

Businesses can have a very successful PPC campaign in which they get lots of relevant traffic, but if customer lands on a page that is not completely related to the ad or is not ready to convert, the business then looses the potential and the PPC campaign becomes ineffective.

PPC or any online ad campaigns should be closely measured and tightly controlled. The reports should be reviewed on regular basis so that the campaigns can be quickly tweaked to provide best bang for the buck.

If you have an online ad campaign but it’s not working like you expected, then ask yourself these questions:

  • Have I done sufficient research to know what keywords to target?
  • Do I have landing page for each of my campaigns?
  • Do the landing pages provide relevant information and are they ready for conversion?
  • Am I properly tracking the results and what do reports tell me?

If you answered ‘no’ or are not sure how to answer these questions perhaps it’s time to get an expert to help. Google Adword Certified specialist is a good place to start.

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