You’ve got your business account on Facebook and Twitter. You’re pondering whether Pintrest might be for you. You’re even posting on regular basis.

At this point you’re pretty proud of your efforts. “Look at me I’m on social media!”

But alas! Your’re not really getting many responses or building a fan base. “What’s going on”, you say, “isn’t having social media account and being active enough?!”

Quality of social media posts matters

No, my entrepreneurial friends. I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but just posting on social networks, whatever, whenever, just isn’t enough. The quality of your social media posts is very important.

What you need is for your posts to be optimized – a term freely thrown around these days. We seem to be optimizing everything, but my dear business owners, there is a reason for that.

Optimizing your website for Search Engines will make it easier for people to find you. In the Social Media world, optimizing your posts will not only help people find your information easier but it also helps the engines such as Google understand what it is that you are jabbering about.

As you may or may not know, Google actually goes out and connects the dots between your website, your social media accounts, your map listings, etc.

5 ways to improve your posts

1. Relate it to your business

If you’re a cookie store, talk about things and news that would naturally go with cookies, recipes, etc. You wouldn’t expect to see political news on a cookie store site or social media post, would you, unless it somehow related to that business.  Too many times I see businesses fill their social network time-lines with unrelated news. Stick to your business topic, but make it interesting. Educate, entice and relate.

2. Use your business keywords

Seems obvious, right? Except again, businesses link to stories and news without relating it to their business, or worse yet, they just add a link without any commentary at all. I want to know why your’re sharing that link with me.  Is it important for me? Why should I pay attention to it? A well structured post will make it easier for people to re-share and re-post.

3. Link to your site

Although it’s good to provide information for your audience from sources you may have found, it’s important not to forget why your started the social media networking in the first place. Don’t you want to drive traffic to your site? Of course you do.  That’s where you sell your products and services, so your post should be directing visitors to your site. If you find an article worth sharing, maybe add your spin on it, explain how it’s relevant for your visitors, write a blog, post it out and link back to your site. Again I see too many businesses just giving traffic away to competitors, while they could be catching those visitors themselves.

4. Use tagging and mentions

Facebook, Twitter, etc have ways to tag a person or a business in your post.  This a great way to get your business noticed. Chances are that if you talk about – and tag – another business, they will reciprocate and mention you, thus exponentially expanding your reach base.
Twitter uses hash tags (#) to mark a keyword or a topic and an at (@) sign to tag a specific twitter user. (More info on use of hash tags.)  Facebook uses mainly @ to link people in your status (more on Facebook Tagging here)

5. Use images and catchy titles

Good relevant photos, descriptive images or just something to catch your reader’s eye can go a long way. Don’t just give me a paragraph of ‘blah blah blah’. Attach a photo and I just may stop to look. What makes you stop and read a post? Is it a great photo, a shocking title, or both? If it worked on you, it will work on your audience too. Some networks are designed for this, such as Pintrest. They give you a photo board that you need to populate. Boring images just won’t do, you need great catchy stuff. Facebook is also visually oriented. A quick search and you’ll see that the post with most likes and comments are the ones with photos in them.

By the way, nearly 2/3 of US Internet users regularly use a social network and 93% of US adult internet users are on Facebook. Optimizing your posts just takes a little practice. It helps to keep in mind why you’re doing what you’re doing.

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