Google’s New Algorithm favors Google+

On January 10th, 2012, Google quietly launched their latest search algorithm update. They called it “Search plus your World”. In the ever changing world of the Internet and ever growing social and personalized direction of the individual websites for a better user experience, Google is now serving up more personalized results.

Google has been at the forefront of the Internet revolution and we often look to them to give us a glimpse of the wave of the future.  There has been, however, a lot of outcry and mixed buzz from the public over this change.  On one hand, people saying that they don’t want personalized results, and on the other they are upset that Twitter and Facebook aren’t as prominent in the results as Google+.  Well, it’s is Google’s domain, so why wouldn’t they promote their own social media channels.

In the end, the public will have their say, so I’m not here to postulate weather this is a good change or a bad one. For now, Google search, which has over 65% of market share in search engine industry has implemented this change and it’s important to understand how this change will affect the ranking and visibility of your business site.

What the new Google search change means to businesses?

For one, your business needs to be on Google+.  Google+ is a social network for sharing your ideas, links and photos with particular groups of people. It features group chat and video chat  but its mainly for connecting with people who share similar interests.  If you don’t have a Google+ account for your business, get one and fast. It’s easy to setup and you will guarantee yourself a relevant search result in the Google world.

Second, with this change, Google is telling us that the way of the future is much more socially centered than ever before. Why? For the simple fact that almost 150million of US Internet users already spend most of their time on social media networks like Twitter and Facebook (source: eMarketer).  It’s just what’s happening and if you’re not there, then you’re missing out on potential customers.

Thirdly, you’re expected to share everything on the social sites, especially Google+. You are expected to promote yourself, promote your business, your ideas interest and direction.  Make sure everything you post is SEO optimized.

Lastly, Keep building relationships and keep creating content that will make people notice it.

What is a Personalized Result?

Google is obviously very fond of  personalized results. They changed their entire algorithm to accommodate it.

Personalized result is content served up from social networks. Specifically concentrating on your personal and business connections as directed by your Google+ circles, your Facebook Friends, your Tweeter followers, etc.

According to Google’s Official blog on the topic, the idea is to

  1. Provide Personal Results “which enable you to find information just for you […] both your own and those shared specifically with you”
  2. “Enable you to immediately find people you’re close to  or might be interested in following”
  3. “Help you find people profiles and Google+ pages related to specific topic”

What if you don’t like the new personalized results?

Google has basically split the search into ‘personal’ and ‘global’.  Head over to the right hand side of the search result page where you will see two buttons.  Select the button for the type of results you like to see.

Google's new personalized search option


What do you think about these new changes? Have you seen the difference in your search results?

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