Hits/Impressions vs Visits

Many website owners confuse the difference between a hit to the web server or impressions and a visitor to your web site. Obviously business owners shouldn’t care how many times the web server is pinged – when the only metric that really counts is the number of actual visitors that will convert to customers.

A number of ‘hits‘ or an ‘impressions‘ is simply a number of times a specific page from your website has shown up on a search result page.  A number of ‘visit‘ is how many times the searcher has actually clicked on the link from the search page to see your page.  Therefore a single visit to a web page may register as dozens of ‘hits’ even though viewers may have seen your page only once.

Website Analytic Tools

Web traffic analysis programs like Google Analytics are perfect for understanding the effectiveness of your website. Not only will most webstats programs show you the difference between hits and visitors but they can also show you the number of unique visitors that visit your site.   Together with online sales metrics these stats can give you a lot of information about, when, and how customers interact with your website.

But don’t stop at Hit vs. Visits. With a full complement of web stats that are reviewed on a regular basis you can understand the behavior of visitors on your website, where they were referred from, what keywords got them to your website and much more.  These insights should be used to tweak your website’s content and design on a regular basis.
Careful focus on the correct web metrics will improve the effectiveness of your website and increase the number of actual visitors who are converted into paying customers.

Your Action Items

  1. Check if you have a Website Stat tool or system on your website
  2. If you don’t already have one, get one.  A good FREE choice is Google Analytics
  3. Make an entry on your calendar to regularly check your stats

For more help on how to read and understand your stats, or for help with setting up stats on your website, please Contact Us.

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