Experience TheStartCompany Difference

Based in the USA

Our web design and online consulting office is in Henderson, Nevada and I have lived and worked in Toronto, Miami and Atlanta. We understand your market and your customers because we live in your market, and we are your customers. You can be confident that you know exactly who you are dealing with. We do not transfer your design to an offshore company to shave costs. We meet in person with clients throughout our local area Southern Nevada and Southern California.

Business Professionals

We are not Bob’s basement designs. We have years of experience leading large technology groups in US Fortune 100 companies (IBM, Home Depot, Arthur Andersen).  And we didn’t just start, we have been transforming businesses and technology since 1994 and have been operating TheStartCompany since 2008. We have the professional business experience you need to bring your online strategy to the next level.


We proactively communicate with you and take the guess work out of our process and timeline. Our clients always feel like they …… And, we speak in language you can understand. Yes, we are multi-lingual, we speak technology, business and normal person languages. We take pride in being able to distill difficult technologic concepts in ways that every business owner can understand.

Business First

Its simple, your website should be making you money, if it’s not, it’s a liability. We know how to make websites that look great and work for your bottom line and we give you the tools to measure the results. If your web designer is not focused on making you money, they are just taking your money.

Custom Design

When we say custom design we mean custom. We turn your ideas and vision into reality. Beware of template production houses with slick sales presentations but deliver cookie-cutter results. We pride ourselves in specializing in true custom design that hold true to the fundamental principles of creating an optimal web presence.

Right Size

We are a small business and we believe in doing business with clients that are our same size. Unlike large design firms we are not squeezing you in between other larger projects, each of our clients is very important to us. Because we use a dynamic staffing model with our network of talented on-call contractors we can assemble a team to match the needs of any project.

Second Opinion

We always offer a free website analysis to determine if your current website is meeting your business requirements. We also review quotes and proposals set by other firms. If you are unsure before you pull the trigger please contact us. Without any obligation we will review your site and your online presence and we will give you our professional opinion on any quote or proposal you have received.


At the end of the day it’s all about finding the right fit for your project. TheStartCompany is agile and responsive to your needs as a business owner. We are always keenly aware that you are operating a business while we are completing your web project. For us the two are inseparable. And, because you always deal directly with a knowledgeable business professional you can be assured that we keep your business interest as our main priority.

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