How many of you think of your business website as a “business storefront”? Given the fact that your business website is usually the first point of interaction, you should take the same care as you do to keep your storefront relevant and attractive.

Here are 5 fixes that could have an immediate impact on your business website:

#1 Contact Above the Fold

Put your email, phone number, link to your Contact page above the fold.  Visitors do your business website do not like to be searching all over your site if they want to call you or email you.  Make it easy for them and make it easily visible and accessible.

#2 Simplify Navigation

How easy or intuitive is your business website to your visitors? You may know where everything is on your site, but will your visitors? Are you highlighting your latest or favorite blogs? The idea is to keep visitors on your site as long as possible.  The longer they are on your site, the higher possibility of conversion.

Many web development and SEO companies offer free website analysis.  You might want to take advantage of those offers to have an outsider’s perspective of your website. The process of web design may have taken you and your business website in many directions, so having a second opinion might be valuable.

Alternatively, ask a family member or a friend who may not be too tech savvy to give you an honest opinion. Ask them to navigate to your featured post, or maybe find a product or directions to your place of business.  If they are not easily able to do it, then your audience may be experiencing similar issues.

Consider adding drop-down menus, sidebar links and breadcrumbs. Content management systems such as WordPress offer many plugins to help you if you are a do-it-yourself-er, and it will will help your visitors find their way around your website.

#3 Use Buttons for Your Call to Action

Pages on your website should have clear Call To Action. Ask yourself: “What do I want my reader to do?” Are they supposed to buy your products, signup for newsletter, connect with you, read about your special? Any of those are great, but you need to help guide your reader.  Give them a clear button to click on.

Studies show that buttons are more successful than text links, especially when it comes to buying. So make sure that your Add to Cart buttons are large and easily visible.

If you’re not too handy with Photoshop, there are many services out there that can help you create great looking buttons. For example you may try Performable Love’s Button creation tool. You simply fill out their form and copy the code ready for inserting into your code.

#4 Add Images

I’ve mentioned this before in 5 Secrets to better social media posts, images help readers stay interested.  Images also convey what it is that you’re talking about.

Make sure that your images contain ‘alt’ tags.  This is an attribute of the image that a web-bot can read. You can use the ‘alt‘ tag to describe what’s in the picture and use some keywords for additional ranking juice, just make sure it’s not spammy.

#5 Edit Your Titles

Titles are very often the reason people click on articles and they are an extremely important “meta” tag. The title of your page will be listed in the search results and although you may be ranking well, if your title is not interesting people may not click on it.

Note: For higher ranking make sure your titles include keywords you’d like to rank for, however make sure that the title is directly related to the content.  Google will penalize you if you’re just trying to stuff keywords into the title, which has nothing to do with the page content.


The beauty of the online world is that everyone starts out on the same playing field. The rules for succeeding online are the same for all whether you’re a small business or a fortune 100 business. The key is to be impactful, memorable and give customers what they want.

Success comes with dedication and patience.

Do you have any fixes that have made an impact for your online business? Share with us what you did.


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