Online Presence – Your Customers are Looking, Be Found

Two hundred million American consumers, and billions of people world-wide, use the Internet everyday to research information, inform purchasing decisions, and to buy products and services. The Internet is not only the quickest, most efficient and most cost effective way for consumers to find businesses, it is also the most effective and least expensive way for businesses to attract, acquire and retain customers.

It is true that a website has a potentially global reach and can help you sell products and services around the clock and around the world, but a proper web presence is even more powerful closer to home since more and more consumers use the Internet to find businesses in their neighborhoods. Small Businesses all over the country are realizing that their customers are increasingly not looking for them in traditional marketing channels like newspapers and yellow pages advertising.

For many businesses, their customers and potential customers are online all day every day, they are using their smart phones to connect and they are tapping into vast networks of connections on social media to search for and get recommendations for the products and services they need.

A Web Presence is the complete collection of appearances that a person or business has on web sites and web pages, blogs, social media, Internet advertising, local search and more. A business is said to have a better web presence when they have better online visibility. That means being present where your customers are already looking for you whether what is through search engines, social networks, on mobile devices or in directory listings.

Web Presence is bigger than Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or how high your business web page ranks on Google. It’s about where your business can be found all over the web, how effective the content is that your customers or potential customers will find and how effective those avenues are at driving traffic into your business.

At TheStartCompany we look at web presence holistically, meaning we look at every angle of internet and mobile technology and determine how it fits with your business objectives and how to best implement a web presence strategy that will make an impact for your business.

We can conceive, create, implement and manage your web presence. We consider it our primary task to uncover the best and most effective web presence strategy for your business and then assist you in making and implementing the decisions that will affect the outcome of your business presence on the internet.

Web Presence includes the following services

  • Existing website analysis
  • Existing marketing and online reach analysis
  • Website design or re-design
  • Local marketing strategy
  • Mobile website development
  • Social Media setup and integration
  • Complete Search Engine Optimization

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